The British government left soldiers to protect the colonists. A new law called the Quartering Act said the colonists had to provide places to live for British soldiers. Still, the colonists did not like the law.  

The Stamp Act

A new law called the Stamp Act said the colonists would have to pay tax on printed papers. And to prove that it was payed, it would have a big blue stamp on it. The colonists showed their anger in many different ways. Finally, the Stamp Act had been canceled, or repealed

The Proclamation Of 1763

After the French and Indian War, British moved West to the land they won from French. Some of the Indians tried to run the settlers off by attacking their forts. In 1763, 2,000 settlers died because of this. To protect the colonists, Britain made a law that said the Indians could have all the land. But the colonists did not like the law.

Causes of the Revolutionary War

The French And Indian War

In North America, both Britain and France claimed Ohio River Valley, they both wanted to do things there. But only one could. So there was argument, then the argument became a war.

The Boston Massacre

In 1770, the colonists were angry that the British soldiers were living in their towns. The soldiers were not happy either. On March 5,1770, the bad feelings in Boston turn into violence. Five men got killed in a crowd in front of the Customs House by soldiers.

The Boston Tea Party

A new law called the Tea Act

A new law called the Tea Act forced the colonists to buy tea only from the British company. Colonists refused to buy tea. On December 16, 1773, a group of men dressed up like Indians and climbed aboard the tea ships and dumped 90,000 pounds of tea in the water. It was called the Boston Tea Party.

Intolerable Acts

Parliament decided to punish the colonists by passing new laws. The colonists could not accept them, they called them the Intolerable Acts. Trade ships until the lost tea was paid for. People promised to help Boston by sending supplies. September 1774, leaders from 12 colonies gathered to discuss problems with Britain. This was called the First American Congress. They agreed to fight the Boston Port Act and others Intolerable Acts.