7th Grade at KMS

10 Favorite Things

1. Camp- The best part of 7th grade was going to camp. I liked spending a week with my friends. We enjoyed being able to do activities and playing games. Our group enjoyed the camo games the best. Mr. Peterson played with us but wasn't on my team. Our team won both games we played and I helped my teammate get the flag the second game. Our cabin was called Mandan and was close to the swimming pool farthest away from the playing fields and showers.

2. Track- Track season was very fun. At practices you were able to go to which ever event you liked. At the meets you could compete in the events you were best at with your friends. I liked watching the events that came down to the last seconds, like relays and sprints. I competed in high jump, long jump, and the 800.

3. Basketball- I was very excited when I made the basketball team. Our season started in November and ended in January. It was fun to got to practice and games with my friends. Our team was good; we only lost a few games. I played center and was on the second and third quarter team. Our away game against Chagrin was the most fun. Their students were very loud through the whole game. I scored a layup on a fast break with about 15 seconds left in the game to go up by two points. On their next play we stopped them from scoring to tie the game or going up by one point. We ended up winning the game.

4. Counselors Coming to Science Class- The week before camp the counselors came to science class and lunch. They would sit with us at lunch so we could get to know them and in science class we played games outside to have fun before we went to camp.

5. Outsiders Day- After we read The Outsiders, we came to school and dressed up like a  Soc or a Greaser; I was a greaser. We went to different activities in each of the language arts teachers classes. My favorite was in Mrs. Krisfalusy's room. We had to put Vaseline on our noses a pick up a cotton ball. Once you picked up the cotton ball, you would bring it to a bucket on the other side of the room. You couldn't use your hands to get the cotton ball off, so that made it challenging. Outsiders day was a fun way to end the book.

6. Road of Trials with Krisfaluit- To end our study of the monolith we did a fun activity that represented the road of trials. We had to shoot the troll to get into the room, then complete our challenges like getting tennis balls into a bucket without touching the tennis balls with our hand. We did this to get our teacher back who had been captured by trolls. I enjoyed the activity because it represented something we were learning in school, but it felt like just playing games.

7. Teacher/Student Basketball Game- The 8th grade boys and girls basketball teams played the boys and girls teachers in a basketball game. It was fun to watch the teachers and students play competitively together. Next year our team will be able to play the teachers in 8th grade.

8. Mrs. Seitz's Art Class- Art class was very fun. Mrs. Seitz would play music and let us talk while we worked, which made the class more fun. My favorite project was a mandala. We made a circular symmetric design out of paper. Using textured plastic boards we could make the mandala look like it has texture. After everything was colored in, we cut it out using an x-acto knife and glued it on black paper.

9. Gym Class- Gym class is a fun way to get exercise during school. I like the games we play including tunnel tag, pac-man, run geese run, and seven. We play these as warm up games and then will do something else. Our main units this year were tennis, basketball, volleyball, and flashball. We would also play kickball sometimes in class.

10. Radio Drama- The radio drama's were fun because we were able to make something today that seemed like it was from long ago. I liked that we could pick our group and have freedom with what our story would be about; our biggest guideline was that it had to be a horror theme. We made our story about somebody who was missing from home.

HELA Class

One of my favorite language arts class projects was out Uglies face morpho. I enjoyed the book and liked the project afterwards. I liked looking deeper into he meaning of the symbols and things people said in the book. It was a fun and challenging project.

Math Class

Activities you do everyday are completing a lesson with your group and most days you will do a problem of the day relating to what you are learning. You don't do many projects, but every once in a while you'll make a poster about the chapter or lesson. To do well in the class you need to stay organized with your homework, lessons, and tests. This will help with studying and not losing work. Also, make sure you stay on track when doing lessons and don't get behind. If you are caught up with the group, you will learn the most.


Camp is the best part of 7th grade. You can choose your group and be with your friends for a week playing games. The activities are all very fun and are a good way to end the year. This video highlights all the activities, shows meals, and other things you can do in your free time.


Extracurricular activities are very fun and I would recommend participating in at least one. You go straight from school to your activity and then get picked up by your parents when it's over. The activities I did were cross country, basketball, and track. They are a fun way to get to know people and have something fun to do after school.

Precept For 7th Graders

Live your life and don't let others get in the way.

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