Help the Homeless!

By Ethan Styles

Have you ever built over 1 million houses for people you don’t know? Habitat for Humanity has! In 2014 alone Habitat helped more than 313,000 families!

It all started when the self-made millionaire Millard Fuller and his wife Linda Fuller decided to sell all their belongings and find a new purpose in life which led the Fullers, to Koinonia (Koinonia is a Small Interracial, Christian Community), The Fullers and Koinonia Founder Clarence Jordan and a few others initiated several partnership enterprises and Habitat for Humanity was born!

I nominate Habitat for Humanity for the Conrad Hilton Humanitarian Award, To win the Conrad HIlton Award Nominees must make extraordinary contributions toward alleviating human suffering, and H.F.H (Habitat for Humanity) does just that!

H.F.H’s mission is for everyone to have a good home and they mean everyone H.F.H builds on every continent except Antarctica. H.F.H is also in over 60 countries. If you want to help H.F.H you can volunteer to help build a new house. If you are not good at building houses and you want to help you can give proceeds to your local H.F.H Restore and those proceeds will go to building new houses.

One of the best things about H.F.H is that it brings different people together for one cause, helping those in need. But don’t think the new homeowners get out of work they have to give some money to get materials and they have to help build the house.

H.F.H has a Disaster Response, that focuses on the housing needs that arise from natural disasters. Disaster Response also provides education for those who need it. H.F.H. works to reduce vulnerability in disaster prone areas before disaster strikes. H.F.H. thinks responding after disaster is not enough.

To apply for a “Habitat House” you must be a citizen or legal resident, prove steady income, and have good credit. If you are all of those you are eligible for a “Habitat House.”

Habitat Restores sell home accessories and new or gently used furniture. Restores can be found all over the world and Restores are operated by Habitat affiliates. Proceeds from Habitat Restores are used to support building efforts.

In a record breaking year 2012 H.F.H helped 94,618 families! Can you imagine helping that many people in just 1 year? Did you know that every five and a half minutes Habitat finishes building a new home? Habitat will not stop until 0 people are homeless.

Habitat for Humanity deserves The Conrad Hilton Humanitarian Award. I mean how better to contribute to humanity than giving everybody a home?

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