What is Cholesterol?

By: Kenedy Pierce


High LDL cholesterol level is bad and a low HDL cholesterol level is good for you.

LDL: Builds cholesterol on walls of arteries

HDL: Protects and helps get rid of the cholesterol the LDL carries

Functions of LDL and HDL

HDL: Picks up extra cholesterol  

LDL: Carries cholesterol to various tissues

this picture is a good example of how they function because the HDL is getting rid of the cholesterol while the LDL is dumping extra cholesterol into the artery.

Monitoring LDL and HDL

Too much of LDL can clog arteries and HDL is monitored to ensure patients have enough in their blood stream.

How are concentrations of LDL and HDL associated with the risk for heart disease?

When there is not enough HDL to keep up with LDL, cholesterol begins to build up.

Other molecules that are tested with cholesterol

Triglycerides, RBC, WBC and hemoglobin.

It shows your total cholesterol and HDL cholesterol to predict your lifetime or your risk of heart attacks or strokes.            


What test show

Cholesterol test results

Ways to control LDL and HDL cholesterol levels

Eat healthy foods, exercise, lose weight and take medication to help control LDL and HDL cholesterol.

How does intake of unsaturated, saturated and trans fat affect cholesterol levels and overall health?

Can cause a person's LDL levels to increase. If there is more LDL than HDL then a person could suffer from a heart attack or stroke.


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