"u killed ppl, but u cute"

Antisocial Personality Disorder

Characterized by a pervasive pattern of disregard for the rights of other people that often manifests as hostility and/or aggression.

According to DSM V, people with this disorder often are:
- deceitful
- manipulative
- hostile/aggressive (first signs in childhood)
- reckless in their disregard for others feelings/emotions
- not responsible for their actions/effect of their actions on others
- victimized by themselves

Ted's Symptoms/Background:

  • He was introduced to pornography at a very young
  • He became addicted to hardcore, violent pornography
  • Once he became addicted, he had to find more violent, more graphic pornography
    to fuel his addiction
  • His addiction grew as the years went on and at some point, the hardcore, violent pornography he was watching was not satisfying the addiction
  • At some point, these fantasies became a reality and to get his 'fix' to satisfy his addiction, he needed to actually perform the acts
  • Changes in the DSM/Treatment

  • There were no changes between DSMs.
  • Treatments include intensive psychotherapy, self-help, and few medications.
  • Yes, he has the disorder according to the DSM V. Many Psychologists over the years have tried to independently tried to diagnose him using those standards, and have found that ASPD is the right disorder. Looking for myself, I can agree with them, as most/all of the symptoms match up.
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    This was very insightful in that it was both informative, humorous, and entertaining

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    I really like the given information, including the real examples of the person chosen. Despite this, there's no real evaluation of his disorder.

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    Extremely insightful and well writ. (Sophie and Morgan)

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    alot of extra information that clarified the topic