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With each new fifa 15 coins game malicious fans take to twitter to criticise the game for being too close to the previous year’s title, observing that the improved grass-graphics and ball physics mask the fact that you’re essentially playing the same game. To these hateful fans we respond that this is simply because the FIFA gameplay is so superb – there is no need to commit to a gameplay overhaul when it works so well.

Based on the demo alone it is obvious that you can now do several things on FIFA 15 which you couldn’t do in last year’s game. From the significant additions to the very trivial, all these new options available to the player result in FIFA 15 being the best title to date. The visuals are better than ever, the game play is tight and the whole package is extremely immersive. Here are the 10 things you can now do on FIFA 15:

First, Celebrate in Style

The ability to select your celebration and use it to add salt to the wound of an already-furious opponent online was a hilarious part of FIFA 14. However, the range of celebration routines to choose from felt too restrictive. Far too often would you see the chicken dance, the machine gunner and the violin player; all of which became very played-out very quickly.

FIFA 15 looks to resolve this issue by adding a handful of new celebrations for us to utilise after scoring that sumptuous 40-yard screamer. Not only do these celebrations feel far more realistic than the goal-scorer pretending to mow down his team mates with an imaginary machine gun but the improved graphics of FIFA 15 add an additional layer of believability. New celebration options include ‘Stand Tall’ (as demonstrated by Adebayor), ‘Kiss The Wrist’ (Suarez) and the ‘Flag Kick’ (Aguero).

The addition of the ‘Hand Bite’ celebration is sure to be used by many millions after scoring with Suarez, the new Barcelona signing famed for his love of chomping at his opponents, while Eto’s famous ‘Old Man’ skit is also now an option.

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