Debate Of Slavery

Against Slavery (North)

I'm against slavery and I am from the north we  are against slavery. I thought the slaves needed to be free and have equal rights  like everyone else .  a lot of the north put a light outside there house so slaves would know that they could stay and hide in there house so the owners would not find them I would always keep them in my house .Even thought there was really though times  all of the both and including me were always against slavery .

For Slavery (South)

Hey I am from the south and I am with slavery.All of my slaves do the work from 4 am to 11 they gather and harvest crops .The rest of the time they go inside clean and make food .I also make lots of money by selling my slaves I also set bear traps so they  will not escape or as the slaves say just follow the drinking gord. The slaves were not so dumb they would find moss growing on tress and would use that like a compass they could especially on cloudy nights. We the south bare with slavery and we will always be.

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