Are Child Soldiers Victims Or Perpetrators?

They Are Victims

Imagine just walking home from school in Africa. Then BAM, you are snatched and taken captive by a soldier while your city is being assaulted by a terrorist group. Then they capture your family, gives you a gun, and kill or be killed. This is what child soldiers go through in order to become a child soldier. They are victims, not perpetrators.

What They Go Through

When they are captured, they are given a gun and some drugs, then they are brainwashed to kill according to the CNN article, "Koinage: Friend Gunned Down by Child Soldiers". In this article, Koinage(a CNN worker who was filming about child soldiers) was at his hotel getting ready for filming when his producer bust through hotel door screaming, "Myles is dead! Myles is dead!". Myles was a good friend of Koinage and while they were driving to the hotel and they were attacked by child soldiers , and Myles got shot in the head.

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