• If your an actor or and actress you would report to the director because that's their boss and they don't want a TV, play, or movie looking very cheesy.
  • The purpose of this job is to entertain people ever since TV came out acting has gotten way bigger but even before TV their was still a lot of plays for main entertainment.
  • The main Responsibilities and duties of and actor or actress is to produce good entertainment for people cause they have a lot of responsibilities pressured on the when a new movie is said to really good they are pressured to make it very good same with a TV show but then with a commercial even if the product doesn't work like they says on the commercial it does the have to make it look awesome!!
  1. You need a bachelors degree in drama
  2. The technology skills you need are you need to be able to use a microphone properly and you need to be able to advertise you movie or play or TV show on the internet or commercials you just have to be comfortable with technology
  3. The abilities you need are to be a whole new character and express that character very well so your not you your, your character. you also have to be able to make people feeling what your character feels.
  4. For personal characteristics you have to be able to interact with others older or younger. Not getting mad if the mess up a line or don't show up one day.


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