How does the amount of sleep a teacher gets affect how well their overall class average is?

By: Sara E, Sejla, Emma and Shannon

My group was wondering how much teacher a sleep gets and we came to the question, does the amount of sleep a teacher gets affects their classes average? We decided to do some research on it, and find out. We decided to gather research from various teachers.

Teachers have to grade tests, quizes, homework, and plan lessons. They have little time to spare and we were wondering how much sleep they actually get. If a teacher is tired during school, they are less probable to encourage students and teach with enthusiasm. If that happens, it is more possible that the teachers amount of sleep will affect their students. This is important especially in high school that students have good grades, and test scores, so they need enthusiastic teachers that can teach them and help them understand everything. These are some things that we asked the teachers to get the best data that we could:

1. Do you have any children?

This is very important to know because that can be one thing that restricts them from getting a full night sleep.

-If so how many?

-Age of children?

2. The grade you teach?

The grade that the teacher teaches can affect how much work they have to do, how many tests they give, and that affects the time they go to bed and how many hours of sleep they get.

3. How many times do you go out and have fun out of school a month?

This affects what time they go home, do the work they need to do for their students, and go to bed.

4. Time you go to sleep and what time you wake up?

This shows  about how many hours of sleep they are getting each night.

5.What is your age?

This usually affects how many times you go out and other activities that may get in the way of you sleeping.

6.Average hours of sleep do you get?

To show how much sleep they get, if its a good amount, and see if it will affect the class average.

7.Overall class average?

This shows how well their class does overall.

8.How well do your class do on tests?

To see if the hours of sleep they get have an affect on their students performance on tests.

The answers of these questions from the teachers would help give us the best conclusion that we could make.

This graph shows the overall averages of some classes.


  1. Based on the charts above I determined that there is a negative linear relationship between a students average overall grade and the amount of sleep a teacher gets. I know this is a positive linear relationship because my residual plot was slightly linear. This concerns me because there are some teachers that get only a few hours of sleep and their students do not excel on tests. The less hours of sleep teachers get, their students are less probable to excel on tests.
  2. One trend that shows is that the more sleep a teacher got, the higher their students test scores were. One other trend is the less sleep teachers got, the lower their test scores were.
  3. The measure of center for class average is 83. We used the median to show the measure of center because the data is skewed, and we use median for skewed data. The interquartile range for the class average is 10, and that shows us how far the points are from the measure of center. We used interquartile range instead of standard deviation because our data is skewed, not symmetrical. Our data is not very spread out, it does not have a lot of variability. The outliers did not affect anything very much, but there was a few outliers in our data set.
  4. Our residual graph shows that there is a  slight positive linear function. Our dot plot is symmetrical, has a few outliers, and shows that most of the data is toward the right side of the graph. Our graph shows that our data is slightly scattered, but all goes in one direction.

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