Piedmont Region

      The Piedmont Region is a great place for all kinds of businesses. It is located in the center of Georgia, which is good for trade. There is a large granite mining industry, which makes the Piedmont region an ideal location for mining businesses. In fact, the town of Elberton is sometimes called the "Granite Capital of the World". There is also a large plane and car manufacturing industry, as well as agriculture, mainly in the form of peaches and poultry, in the region. Many important cities such as Athens, Augusta, Macon, at Atlanta are located in the region. 4.5 million people live in the Piedmont Region, so there are a lot of potential customers to buy your business's products, whatever they may be. Also, the Atlanta airport is conveniently located in the area, providing a close, large place for transport. In addition, the climate is generally very mild, making the Piedmont region a great place for your business to relocate.

  The Piedmont region is a great place for tourists to visit. Come see the city of Atlanta, other cities like Macon, Athens, and Augusta. See the fall line at the southern border of the region, with its waterfalls and large drops. Also, visit the Chattahoochee River, the one of the Piedmont region's largest sources of water and hydroelectric power. Enjoy the mild climate. Go see Stone Mountain the big mountain in the northern part of the region. So, come visit the Piedmont region today.

The Fall Line

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