3-D printing and modeling

3-D Printing

What am I doing ? 3-D printing and modeling .

Why am I doing this ? Because I like the idea that I could create something on the computer and have it in real life .

What do I want to learn ? how to use the 3-D printer

Do I want to make a carrer out of this ? no because I really want to be a doctor  


What did I do to plan/learn about my project ? I went on google and asked my teacher

Further Introduction Research

What did I do to further investigate my project ? Today I looked at google and asked my teacher


day 4

guestions answered

what did i do ?stared making my project [boat ]

what guestions did i answer ? I learned that it is harder to make a boat because of all the curves


what did I learn? I learned that boats are harder than most things because there needs to be curves


what did I learn? I learned that there are a lot of people on youtube who can explain how to print a 3-d model from sketch up

technical parts

finial process the complete project . First I need to export the model then I need to create a component and put that on tinkercad and send that to my teacher so he can print it on his computer



how will I test it ? By drop the boat in water and see if the boat floats

after testing

my boat did flout but after 7 pennies the boat sunk so to help it flout longer I will increase the surface area

next step

how can I improve the model ? I could make the boat longer and wider so the boat can be more stable .

why we correct the model

why we corrected the model? Because you can only get better and nothing happens when you stay still .

how does this help me ? I increased the surface area so it will hold more .

did it work

did it work? yes my project printed fine and can flout

did I have t0 make changes ?yes because the boat could only hold 7 pennies now it should hold 9 at least


how did the project turn out ? it work my boat printed and flouted .

would you want to do this as a job ? no because know I know how much work is put in to making the model and I would not want to do this every day .

do you wish you would of picked a different project ? yes because I would of liked to do the cardboard chair it would be cool to build your own chair .

what did I learn ? I learned how to make a component  and I learned how to print it out . First you select the model then you make it a stl-file then you send that link to tinker-cad so you can make the object print then you select the color of the plastic the print uses to print the object then you  and the  

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2 years ago

Your 3-d object sounds like its going to be really cool!! I can't wait to see the outcome! Good idea!!

2 years ago

At first the idea of printing something that will become a 3-D item seemed unlikely to me because I am not familiar with that technology. Then to see and hold the boat and hold it and to know it is all made from a program I am further impressed. WOW. Great job.