By: Jake Harper Hill

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What Is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is a motion or picture that catches the lookers eye or sends a message. It would be like seeing a movie that is really good but with no sound! You could tell what they might be saying but they're not actually saying it. That is what graphic design is, like a box of cereal with colors would send a message like “I am the best cereal because of my decorations!”Said someone it makes you want to buy the sellers product sometimes right, that is the work of graphic design.

“Graphic design, the art and profession of selecting and arranging visual elements—such as typography, images, symbols, and colors—to convey a message to an audience."(2)

    Graphic Design is used for advertising or selling products that a producer wants to sell to customers. Graphic design can also get you payed because people pay you a lot for your services if you help them sell their products. Examples of advertisement: Commercials, Newspaper adds, and other things.(2)

                      Types Of Graphic Design?

Brand Imaging

“Every company has an official logo; some even have three or four. Brand imaging is taking a visual signature and stamping it as your own so that the world will know of your products at a mere glance. Now, this may not seem like a critical aspect of graphic design until you actually put it to the test- pick any superstore in your area and walk down the aisles looking at company logos. Chances are that you’ll recognize one hundred or more brands from their image on the first few aisles alone.”(2)

Copywriting/sales copy

Like changing fonts and putting indents and bold marks to catch the customers eye.

They may also put bold prices that are cheap so you go “hmm that's cheap I guess I can buy it.” said someone Maybe it is really good! Maybe it's bad!

Television commercials

These can make you laugh and make you watch it over and over again to make you want to buy their product and show it to the rest of your family or your friends. Example “All we remember is the dog plowing headfirst into the car as he chases the beer truck, the old lady asking “Where’s the beef,” or the little boy throwing his airplane-shaped dinner plate onto the carpet while food flies everywhere".(2) These examples are all called graphic design.

Product packaging

This allows someone to find a package without knowing the name but with looking at the graphic features that make itself, itself. Example “Grab the one with the green and red stripes on the label…those are the best.” Said someone it is kind of like if there's colors you would buy it because it has the best packaging. Or you would remember the brand if it didn't even show you like the example!(2)

                    Who Created Graphic Design?

“Increasingly, over the course of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, advertising agencies, book publishers, and magazines hired art directors who organized all visual elements of the communication and brought them into a harmonious whole, creating an expression appropriate to the content. In 1922 typographer William A. Dwiggins coined the term graphic design to identify the emerging field.”(3)

William A. Dwiggins was the one who invented or made up Graphic design, so he called it.(3)

"He was born on June. 19, 1880, Martinsville, Ohio, He died on December. 25, 1956.(3)"

William inspired jobs and people to use graphic design to enhance selling products and to use his idea for things they did, like t shirts with graphic design on them (colors and pictures and other things). Graphic design many people but probably didn't help other people, like people who sold plain white or black shirts or pants. The world of graphic design made William famous for his invention (I guess). William is probably a millionaire because of his new “thing”.

     What would the world be like without graphic design?

  • The world would have no pictures.
  • The world would have no advertisement.
  • The world would not sell as many products.
  • The world would have no electronics.
  • The world have no picture puzzles .
  • There would be no movies/Video games.
  • There would be no hippies.
  • The almost everything would be black and white. Colors would be graphic design because colors may make you want to buy something.


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