The Dominion of Kra'l

ufuddhau i'r meta

"Obey the Meta"

The Flag of Kra'l

  • Blue: Representing the pure power of the Meta
  • Gray: The perfect ways of our savior, Mork Farishta
  • White: Mork Farishta, acting as a guardian angel to the innocent
  • The Gear: The smooth functioning of the Dominion of Kra'l
  • Guardian's Wings: Kra'l's strategic and flawless protection strategies
  • Kra'l's Sword: The accurate but deadly pierce of the Meta

The Decree of the Meta

Constitution of Kra'l

Decree I

The name of this country will be "The Dominion of Kra'l"

Decree II

The purpose of this country is to provide protection, direction and guidance to citizen's everyday lives. All are equal under only one figure of great power and wisdom, to give perfect counsel of what you should be. Man is an imperfect being in the sight of Mork Farishta, so these faults must be corrected by a perfect being, as himself. Promoting self control, humility, respect and patience, The Dominion of Kra'l shows it's citizens how to become morally perfect.

Decree III

As a citizen of The Dominion of Kra'l, you must respect how the Meta functions, being led by Mork Farishta himself. As a citizen, lethal weapons or objects used for the intention of murder is illegal, and possession of such is punished by death. A citizen must only support The Dominion of Kra'l in an instance of war or in speech, promoting the acts of the Meta when necessary. If any type of illegal activity is to happen, the citizens are required to report immediately in order to allow purification to commence. Citizens are expected to follow all laws of the Meta, unless directly ordered not to by Mork Farishta himself.

Decree IV

Mork Farishta will have supreme control over The Dominion of Kra'l, having his appointed followers take part as the Meta. The Meta will act under Mork Farishta, perfecting the Dominion as such and fixing what citizens are doing wrong in a certain territory, acting as punishers for the citizens committing criminal acts. After Mork Farishta is to leave this Earth, the Meta will seek for a worthy leader to become the next figurehead for Kra'l. To ensure the government can never become corrupt, only the most perfect beings can serve as the Meta, as Mork Farishta is already perfected.

Decree V

The Meta's responsibility is to make sure that their citizens are protected from themselves and purify what is imperfect in the sight of Mork Farishta. The Meta promises to provide protection, guidance and needed wisdom in order to thrive in the perfect community. In return, the citizens must obey the Meta and Mork Farishta as well as the laws given to them. Citizens must take into great consideration that they must follow/obey all decrees given unto them.

Decree VI

  • If the government will purify you falsely, you will have a fair trial amongst the Meta. If found guilty, punishment will follow. If innocent, you are able to leave without criminal record or punishment, as will your time be refunded in money.
  • Citizens must promote propaganda of The Dominion of Kra'l always (Decree III) and obey The Meta's orders with little to no hesitation.
  • Citizens must not cause harm in any way or form, in offensive attack or self-defense. You will be protected immediately and supported by The Meta in an instance of being a victim to an attacker.
  • As a citizen, you are required to report any signs or actions going against the Decrees or Laws of The Dominion of Kra'l. Failure of doing so will result in sharing the same punishment as the individual doing the crime.
  • Young men of the ages of 14 to 18 are required to serve in the Meta for a minimum of 4 years.
  • Agricultural workers will receive less overall debt from the government, as they are greatly needed and useful to The Dominion of Kra'l.
  • Any form of segregation from one citizen to another, in any way, will be punished severely.
  • Illegal immigrants are not citizens, so these laws do not apply to them. Citizens are allowed to treat them however they please (being in the conscience boundaries of murder, torture, etc.)
  • If a citizen is to be directly accused of any crimes by Mork Farishta, he/she will have no right to a trial, as there is no need. Punishment is death, as Mork Farishta only accuses the largest of crimes to the Meta.
  • Secret organizations are strictly prohibited unless known by Mork Farishta.

Decree VII

The Dominion of Kra'l will have certain forms of education, all being in designated schools. Education will be free as far as being given the ability to attend class and learn what is taught. Citizens as a whole will have to pay for teachers, because education is offered freely. Universities and colleges will be given to all individuals whom are able to learn more than elementary to high. It is an obligation to attend school throughout elementary, as further education is a choice.

Decree VIII

The symbol and flag of The Dominion of Kra'l will be The Sword of Farishta, representing our savior, Mork Farishta. The meaning of this design is to convey the ultimate power of Mork Farishta, as well as his perfect rule as a ruler. The design also conveys multiple messages, as seen in it's colors and shapes.

Decree IX

The figurehead of The Dominion of Kra'l will be Mork Farishta.

Figurehead: Mork Farishta

Our Savior, using both wisdom as well as skill to protect the innocent

Characteristics and Abilities:

Our savior, Mork Farishta, is full of knowledge as well as experiences. His wings give him the ability to see all, including those whom he does not protect. His cloak of shadows also aids him well, as he is invisible to all. Wielding only the finest of swords, he is also extremely skilled at both attack and defense.

The Story of Our Savior

As a boy growing up in a destructive and violent community, Mork Farishta had struggled to ever find peace and balance in his life. Multiple times he has had to overcome trials of life and death, sometimes slipping free at the last possible moment. Mork's parents had taught him strategies and tips on how to survive through such a community. At age 6, however, his parents were murdered by a gang which was once named "The Meta." Miraculously, Mork had been able to look after himself for over a year, getting all the possible help he could get. As the government had finally stepped into his life, Mork was taken as an orphan far away from his former community. With no love to be given to him, Mork had grown sad and confused as to why his life was so corrupted. Mork's greatest fear, The Meta, had still lingered in his mind at all times as did the image of his parents dying protecting him. Growing up, Mork had found his way of releasing stress and finding inner peace; Sword fighting. Even though this feeling was temporary, Mork had often trained with trees and figures he had created from wood. Mork had recognized how powerful he was and how much peace he could feel. After being released from the orphanage, being an adult male, Mork began to show others their inner potential. Years passing, Mork and his followers had become enormous, so great that he was elected to be the leader of the government. Now in control, Mork Farishta shaped the country as a perfect place, giving the citizens the life he wish he would've had. Multiple changes were made to the government, which would be named "The Meta," putting his once greatest fear as his to control. Now, Mork Farishta had not only found ultimate peace for himself, but also for those whom he protected.

National Song

(Rap :) As you fall deeper into a manic state

The only thing that can keep you sane is the thought of the dramatic rate

Of your blood pressure rising, just giving you a taste

That the fear wants you to partake of, and deteriorate

The only thing that should be tasted is the blood of the enemies

That get in your way and eat you up like a parasitic tape-

Worm, getting rid of the evil traits hidden within,

Knowing what is going on, and what is at stake

Trying to catch your breath again, trying to reassure

Yourself that what is going on is true, and realizing you’re

Getting rid of the pain of the future that you know you can’t endure

Alone, but believe me when I say we are the cure

(Chorus :) There’s nowhere you can hide

From the darkness inside

The shadows on the walls don’t sleep

It’s only hope that you can keep

We can only get brighter

It’s a beautiful reminder

That if you will just take my hand

Then together we will stand

Propaganda Posters

C.A.T. and Ground Level

Disobedient, lost or morally confused citizens whom either don't yet fully understand the intentions of the Meta or rebel against the Meta or the rule of Mork Farishta will be sent to the C.A.T., a special "rehabilitation" center in which all thoughts are perfected. The C.A.T. stands for Competence for Abnormal Thought, which is a facility in which no citizen knows the location. This Center "cures" these individuals for varying time periods, depending on the individual's willingness and ability to cooperate and learn what is needed to have a perfect knowledge, adding to the perfect community. C.A.T. is a mild "learning experience," while the more serious need for perfect knowledge in a citizen is found at a later stage. These citizens are added to this curriculum for their sake, and are given a second chance through "rebirth." Rebirth is taken place at a separate area, Ground Level. Those whom are showing enormous signs of pride, stubbornness and doubt are sent to Ground Level, the final stage possible for perfection. Individuals are "Thought organized" into their fullest capacity through a series of tests in order to see if one is able to reenter The Dominion of Kra'l as a reborn citizen. Thought organization allows this level of perfection to be possible, as it brings order to not only one but also impacts many others as well. Of course, if certain actions must take place, such as "instant release," "fixation" or "accused relations", then it will only be in the direct order of Mork Farishta himself to keep Ground level from destruction and corruption, as well as C.A.T. The Individual's tests continue until submission occurs or actions are necessary to take place. As promised, if all is well the perfected citizens are set free to once again perform their daily routines in The Dominion of Kra'l.

Propaganda Video

By: Aureleah Jimenez, Lauren Marie and Jacob Chavez

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