Braidon Ryle Tackk


when I first started I had to go on to internet explorer because I had to enhance photos

then I started on pixlr so I could enhance my picturesand then make a collage of all my images

we use this to create the collage of photos.

having now finishing with photos, we are now using tinkercad a virtual 3d plane used for creating 3d objects and then printing them.

this is my creation, I created a model of assassins creed gear using letters, and geometric shapes

today we are learning how to create a digital story.  I chose to make it about bullying because it is anti-bullying day, this animation consists of over 400 slides animation created it on an app called pivot animator.

shetchup 3D

today we have learnt to create 3D objects on shetchup 3D(this program is like tinkercad but it is more advanced). I created this chair using the highlighted objects

now I have made a petrol station using the same tools as the chair.

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