Life During The Great Depression

Families were often unable to pay their mortgage and lost their homes. Many homeless people put up shacks for shelter in public or unused land plots.

Very few people were able to work during the Great Depression, let alone children. Companies wanted all avaliable jobs to go to adults. The Percentage of child labor, and any labor in general, decreased greatly.

Often, poor families would have to improvise for everyday needs. In this picture you can see how everyday families would make what they needed to survive.

Agricultural problems were at an all time high. There was a great drought sweeping across the Great Plains that no one could escape. Farmers pulling out dead plants left loose, dry, brown soil everywhere. Leading to the Dust Bowl.

The Dust Bowl swept across the nation leaving farms covered in dirt. When the storm would hit, your house would get so dark it would look like midnight outside. People were advised to lay on the ground when a storm would hit.

Political comics were popular during and after the Great Depression.

A man eating Christmas dinner with his children in Iowa during the Great Depression.

This picture shows all of the people who were hungry and unemployed during the Great Depression.

This is another political comic showing how even the rich were affected.

Workers riot about unemployment and starving.

Percentage of job losses between the Great Depression and the Great Recession.

This photo shows the amount of bank failures in the years leading up to, during, and after the Great Depression.

This is a video on the Dust Bowl with actual footage of it.

This is a video on the Great Depression with lots of vocabulary and facts.

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