Jews Before the Holocaust

There was about nine million Jewish people that were living in countries that Germany had been running during World War II.  By the end of the war, two out of three Jews died. Jewish life would be gone forever. In 1933 the largest Jewish population were concentrated in eastern Europe. They lived in little towns or villages, called shtetls.  They speak their own language called Yiddish, it is a mix between German and Hebrew.

When the Holocaust started there was about 9.5 million Jews in 1933. In 1933 about 60% of Jews lived in Europe. Then, years later 51% lived in America. Many Jews who had survived the Holocaust had planned to leave Europe and start new lives in Israel or the United States. The population shifts brought on by the Holocaust and by Jewish emigration was astounding. The Jewish communities were devastated when the Holocaust had started.



A synagogue is an assembly or congregation where Jews meet for religious worship.  The original center for worship is the tower of Jerusalem.  The tower was first built by King Solomon to house the Ark of the Covenant, which  disappeared after the destruction of the first tower. The western wall i all that remains today of Herod's temple today. The purpose of the synagogue is the house of prayer. Even though, most of their praying takes place outside.   

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