Invasion Of The Overworld

I am reading Invasion Of The Overworld. So far what it is about is a video game, Minecraft were he is trying to fool people on every world he goes on. The last I read was that Gamenight999 is on a team with someone and there are spiders and zombies so he leads the monsters up to his teamates. He lead them up there because he made the zombies kill them.The characters in the book so far are Gamenight999, Dreadlord, and Salz. This book is really good because it is funny how his sister was watching TV and he told his sister to turn the TV down because it sounded like monsters and I think it really is monsters. This book is one of my favorite books.

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3 years ago

Nice summary, Jackson! It would be pretty interesting if the zombies and monsters were actually in Gameknight's real world! He might think twice about leading his friends up to where they are! Do people often do this in Minecraft? What do you think of his character so far? Would you want to play Minecraft with him? Who are Salz and Dreadlord? What do you think of them so far? It seems like your book has lots of interesting new words, too! I'm so glad you are enjoying it!