Look forward to travel Harbin ice wonderland in the near future

Harbin ice wonderland is one of the most ancient and civilized metropolitan cities in China.Surrounded by mighty mountains Harbin ice wonderland is extremely beautiful and elegant.Everything went very and . The largest snacks street of Harbin ice wonderland is 300 meters away from here, where you can enjoy delicious food.

Stretching one's eyesight, visitors can see the gorgeous Harbin ice wonderlandr under dazzling lights abruping up to the sky.It is not only famous for its unique green color, fragrant aroma, sweet taste, and flat appearance in Harbin, but is also regarded as a health elixir. If there is a heaven on earth then this is it! Noted for its natural beauty and cultural heritage, the city of Harbin offers a very special cultural experience, and with its charming Harbin ice wonderland, it attracts many tourists. The sandy shores of the island are also special features and particularly attractive to tourists are the bays known as "The Thousand-Step Sands" with its 1.5 kilometer (0.9 mile) beach and the smaller "Hundred-Step Sands".

From the moment we made the first enquiry to our final transfer in Harbin ice festival 2015, Harbin ice wonderland Tours provided excellent ,professional ,yet caring service.The city has one of the most brilliant ski resorts in Asia, you can have a try there.The local food is good but should you prefer western cuisine or that of other parts of China you will find the star-rated hotels and quality restaurants will satisfy your needs.The gardens are made more productive by inter-planting different crops. Tall sun-loving species give shelter to plants which thrive in the shade. As companions, the plants grow better.

I love this unique Harbin.  Harbin used to be a well-known city with long history,is nowadays an energetic and charming city.A famous historical and cultural city along the north boundary, Hohhot is home to more than 50 temples. Also, as a pearl of grassland, the natural surrounding of the city is particularly amazing. Harbin ice wonderland will be the highlight of your China tours. Harbin civilization is the world's oldest and today, its largest,with well over a billion people.

An attractive sight in Harbin is the collection of 64 sculptures of diverse styles.I had fully enjoyed myself in this Harbin ice and snow world festival 2015. Benefiting from the convenient transportation, I plan to go to another resort directly. Travel always gives you a lot of different insights about life. Traveling Harbin ice wonderland will make your heart more pure and make your vision more open.

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