Copyright Vocabulary

Copyright- Where the owner has control over what happens to their intellectual property.

Ex: Taking someone elses work and saying its yours

Fair Use- exceptions and limitations to copyright law that allow the public to use portions of copyrighted material

Ex: quotation of short passages from a novel in a newspaper review

Hacking- accessing someone's computer without permission regardless of the activity or intent

Ex: getting on someones email without their permision

Intellectual Property- original work protected by copyright law

Ex: like a song that is uploaded to youtube or any place where people can hear the song

Piracy- a term used when music, movies and software are copied and "burned" illegally

Ex: where some ome burns or puts songs on a cd and says that it is there songs

Public Domain- materials that are not protected by copyright law that can be used by the public without permission or payment

Ex: passages or quotes

Plagiarism- is stealing someone else's work and pretending it's yours

Ex:  re-writing a paper as your own

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