Forensic Science

Sesstion 1

In session one we analyzed a crime scene and made a scaled drawing. We also learned the meaning of forensic science. We also discovered some history on the background of Forensic science.

Session 2

In session two we: analyzed a crime scene for any evidence we might of missed now that we knew what to look for we collected a fingerprint and found patterns in it. such as loops whiles and even finer things.

Session 3 and 4

We took a sample of potted meat. We then made several different chemical compounds. We then symbolized extracting DNA.

Sesstion 5

In session five we learned what trace evidence was. We also collected a sample of it. We then analyzed it under a microscope

Session 6 and 7

In session 6 we completed a cryptography analysis. We also constructed a theory in session 6. In session seven we reviewed all of of evidence then chose a main suspect for the crime.

Career Asocieated

A Forensics scientist

A Forensics scientist is a perfect career to go a-long with the module of Forensics science. It actually exactly what the entire module is very plain and dry . There no outer way to really say it that is why the module was made that the only career that affiliates with this module as far as I know.

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