properties of matter

A gass in this case steam is part of solid,liquid,and gass

Buoyancy is the push upward on an object by the liquid when the object is placed in it

a balence can messere mass

What is mass?

If this dos not help you i dont know what will this is pretty much the deffanition of mass

this is not really propertys of matter but wight is and its more like a fun fact about weight

fun way to talk about solubility

freezing point freezes water to ice

heres a chart of melting point

this picture tells you alot of boiling point

this is a picture of a magnet and small little pieces of iron is pretty cool

this length width height and all of them on a cube

an conducter allows heat or elecricity to flow through it readily

an insullater does not allow heat or eletricty to flow through it readliy

density is a measure of how tightly packed matter is; the amount of mass countained in a given volume

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