social studies common exam review

Demo crazy:power is exercised by all citizens, either directly or through their elected representatives..

Direct:There are no representatives in government: The citizens vote on everything.
example:: In ancient Athens, Greece, they held assemblies where citizens voted to pass laws.

Representative: vPeople elect representatives who vote on laws for the citizens..
example:The two forms of democracy are representative.

Autocracy:A form of government in which political power is controlled by one individual such as a monarch, dictator, emperor, etc..

Monarch: Rule by kings, queens, princes, and princesses… sometimes by other names, but always MONARCHS!
example: vLeaders usually gain their power because their parents were rulers too..

absolute monarch:vLeaders usually gain their power because their parents were rulers too.

dictatorship: In a dictatorship, power is not inherited, but is acquired by force (military or political..

theorcrazy: vTheo” means “god” in Greek… so if a government is THEO-cratic that means it is ruled by… That’s right! A god or higher power!..

oligarchy: vOligarchies can often come from or lead to other forms of government (like autocracies...

anarchy:is a rule by one.

commnism:is thus a form of socialism—a higher and more advanced form, according to its advocates. Exactly how communism differs from socialism has long been a matter of debate, but the distinction rests largely on the communists