Pistorius:'I was simply trying to protect reeva'

Mr. Pistorius could face 25 years in prison if convicted of premeditated murder. He is accused of shooting his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkemp, four times through a closed bathroom door causing her death. Because he has nightmares since the shooting, he has taking several antidepressants and sleep aid. On monday, he repeatedly told the court how much he loved her and how he just wanted protect Ms. Steenkemp. During the trial, he was seen ocassionally vomiting, crying and holding his head in his hands. Mr. Pistorius’s childhood had been affected by violent crimes and attacks: furthermore, it gives him a reason as to why he would shoot at an impulse.

In my opinion, I believe he did kill her intentionally. During the trial, Mr. Pistorius made a comment about being besotted with her. If he loved her so much, how come he does not plead himself guilty to pay for his crime. However, he also makes a good defense for himself by explicitly describing his childhood and how infatuated he was with his girlfriend. His behavior in court such as the vomiting and sobbing also plays in his favor. Although both sides make good points, I still believe Mr. Oscar Pistorius killed his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkemp.


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