Yamato Clan

The Yamato Clan ruled over most of Japan and proclaimed themselves emperors. Emperors after that continued to claim being diving and decedents from the Yamato Clan. Other clans took over, but let the emperor keep his title. They controlled him, meaning the emperor had no real power. Over time, Japan made more contact with China and they had a unique blend of cultures. They didn't have a written language and borrowed from China. Korea also had influence on Japan. They brought Buddhism. This brought Buddhist styles to arts and architecture to Japan. Prince Shotoku was most helpful in bringing Buddhism to Japan. He also greatly admired China. He sent scholars to learn from China. This brought ne, food, art, music, culture, and ideas to Japan.


Heian Period

The capital in Japan was moved to Heian. Japanese culture flourished in this Period. Life was very elegant in this period. The nobles lived in beautiful and lavish palaces. Everyone was expected to write poetry. The Heian women often learned to read and write. Heian women also produced great works of literature. During most of the Heian period the Fujiwara family controlled Japan. Eventually rich land owners and with private armies began to challenge them.