iMovie Trailers  

How often do you...

... ask students to create and upload art, music, movies, or webcasts?

... ask students to create animations, demonstrations, models, or simulations?

... ask students to develop or present multimedia presentations?

... ask students to use a digital camera (photo or video)?

All of these activities help students learn valuable skills for today's job market.

iMovie Trailers are a great way to begin.

iMovie Trailers

Trailers are an easy way to get started with the iMovie app.  

It's as easy as selecting a template and filling in the blanks!

Need some ideas for using iMovie Trailers?  Check out these on Pinterest! You'll find samples such as book trailers, unit introductions, vocabulary lists, and content trailers for all subjects.  What's your idea for a creative trailer?

Using a storyboard is a great way to plan out your movie trailer.  The handy downloadable templates in the link below match each of the iMovie preset themes.

Once your theme is selected and the plan has been made, it's time to get to work.  You will want to select or take photos and video clips to fit your plan.
The links below offer some easy instructions for curating and editing good photos and videos to use in your presentations.

iTunesU also has a course for learning to use iMovie.

Good videos start with good images. These tips and tricks can improve your photography skills.

Besides the built-in photo editing tools in the Photos app on your iPad, here are a couple of great free apps to use for editing still photos.

Copyright and Fair Use

Time to create an iMovie Trailer for your classroom.

What iMovie Trailer idea will work best for you?

All About Me introduction for your students?

Classroom rules and procedures?

Parent Orientation Meeting?

Preview of the course syllabus?

Unit Introduction?

Consider the content and technology TEKS, along with the iPad goals.  Where could your curriculum use a dash of

Jump in and get started!

When you have completed your Trailer, the link below offers ideas for sharing it with the world.

Oscar worthy or not, your iMovie trailers, whether created by you or your students, will surely produce inspired casts and crews of young filmmakers while working and engaged audiences when viewing the finished clips.