Jeff the killer

Their was a child named Charlie Mathewson Jr. and he was bullied by some kids at school and he told his brother that he killed the two bullies at school then when his brother saw the bodies of the bullies they buried the body his brother got angry and they both went home and Charlie got punished by going into the basement. His white jacket was bloody and he looked at him self in the mirror and thought to himself that he was beatiful. As he samshed the mirror his hands were both bloody from the glass he toppled down on the concrete ground. He could not breath and he died. when Charlies parents came they saw the dead body of Charlie.  when charlie woke up his hair turned pitch black he stood up and started rushing into the kitchen and got a kitchen knife out and started to stab his parents and his brother. As he ran away he went back in his room and took a picture of himself and told him self he is the most beautiful kid ever and started to run away while killing people that were in his way.

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