What did Patrick Henry do in Colonial history?

By: Libby G.

Patrick Henry first started as a cleark at a store his father got him, but for many years he was unsussful, untill he studyed to become a lawer and at 23 years old he passed the Bar examination in Williamsburg, Virginia and opener a law firm. Patrick Henry first became noticed by the colonists after giving a speech against the king for the rights of the clergymens salerys. Soon after he was elected a member of the House of Burgesses. When on March, 22 1765 the king ( king George the 3rd) ordered the Stamp act along with the Quartering Act, Patrick gave a speech against these acts known as 'Caesar-Brutus Speech' famous for the words "If this be treason, make the most of it." after which he was accused of treason. He assured the house of burgesses that his loyalties layed with the king. The resolutions Patrick had made for the acts were passed and he became the leader in the affairs of the colony. Patrick henry helped start a commitie called the "Committee of Correspondence" which was a shallow government for the colonies, the acts continued including the well known Tea Act. He was then elected to the first continental congress and they aggred that the time of pease was over and they must fight. Patrick himself introdused the idesa in his speech " give me liberty, or give me death." The colonists then took up arms an faught for their freedom, which Patrick then helped compose and sign the "Declaration of Independence". The war ends and the colonist were free. Without Patrick Henry we may have stayed under the power of the british.

Then after speeking for the colonists in front of the House of Burgesses

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