By: Louis Sachar

Main Characters

The main characters are Stanley Yelnats and Hector Zeroni. Stanley is very caring he even taught hector how to read and write , he also is a good friend. Hector zeroni doesn't talk very much he doesn't know how to read are wright but he is very helpful. He even digs Stanley's holes for him.


                                   The setting takes place at Camp Green Lake

My Summary

In the beginning, Stanley got in a little bit of trouble. He had the choice of going to jail or going to Camp Green Lake in the desert to dig holes for bad people who wanted to find treasure. So he chose Camp Green Lake. In the middle, he met a friend named Hector who didn't know how to read and write. Since Stanley wasn't good at digging holes, but Hector was good at it, so he made a deal with Hector that if Hector  would dig his holes and Stanley's holes too, Stanley would teach Hector how to read and write. At the end Hector found the treasure and the bad people said it was their's but it was not. It was Stanley Yelnats' treasure and it even said Stanley Yelnats on it. So Stanley went home with his family and so did Hector because they had no file of Hector Zeroni. So he went home with Stanley and his treasure.

Author's purpose

The authors purpose is to provide an entertaining story with action and adventure. The story will always have good people winning over bad people.

Student Recommendation

I recommend this story because it has action and adventure in the story and it even kept me in the story from the beginning to the end.


Sachar, L. "Holes". New York: Scholastic Inc,1998.

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