By: Lyba Khawar


There are many unique kinds of cat breeds in the world. They all have something that they are known for. But kittens are slightly different than big cats. This is because kittens are baby cats. They have a difference in size and their color can change as they get older. Kittens also have a specific physical description. You need to earn the money to get a kitten. You have to take good care of it and you will have to deal with health issues. Kittens will love you as pets if you love them as owners!

Physical Description

Kittens are small. In fact,they are as small as a human beings hand when they are born. Kittens can be all different kinds of colors. It depends on what color their descendants are. But usually,each breed of cats are the same color whether family or not. Kittens have unusual ears. Some have pointy ears,some have half of an ear. For example, the Scottish Fold. Kittens also have long tails and very sharp claws. They will scratch you if they get mad or scared.

Earning a Kitten

If you want to get a kitten but don’t have the money or no one will buy one for you, you have to earn the money. One way you can earn the money to buy a kitten,is to sell something. You can sell one or more things. But it has to make-up the money a kitten would cost. You can also do a job. For example, if you get paid at home for doing chores or house work,you can amass the money that way. Just remember that you will have to work hard. If you don’t get paid much,then this next idea might work for you. You could mow the neighbors lawn or rake their leaves. You can babysit or take care of you neighbors pet while they’re gone. But no matter what you do,you will have to believe that you can do this. You have to have hope and you have to work hard and do your best! You can do anything if you want that kitten!


You have to take good care of your kitten. If you do,then your kitten will be healthy and happy. Reward your kitten for good behavior. This will cause it to be happy. Also, do not treat your kitten like an adult cat. The kitten needs to have fun and be entertained while it is little. Just like you don’t want to be treated like an adult when you are only a teenager. When it comes to feeding your cat,look for quality food. This way,your cat likes the food. Plus,it will make it want to eat more.

Health Issues

There are a few health issues you need to be aware of for kittens. Kittens vomit a lot. This is very common,usually when they are sick. A good idea would be to take your kitten to the vet. Also,take your kitten to the vet once in a while to make sure it is healthy. This is called a vet visit. Kittens get fleas a lot too. This causes the kitten to scratch and create a claw mark. One last thing you need to be aware of is that kittens can catch a disease called Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease. This is not good for kittens. The kitten is not safe this way.


Kittens are cuddly and amazing pets to have. They have a unique appearance. But you have have to work hard to get the money. You have to take great care of your kitten and always stay aware of its health issues. They would make an amazing pet. There is still a lot to know about kittens. But we’ve got you started. Now,you have some background knowledge about kittens. Always treat your kitten like a family member and love them. They will love you!

descendants dih-sen-duh-nt


amass uh-mass

to collect something;earning something

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