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    Teach Like A Pirate
    "Provide an uncommon experience for your students and they will reward you with uncommon effort and attitude." Dave Burgess

    I still have a few more books left...come see me if you would like one....excellent reading:)

    May 25th- Transformation and Enthusiasm

    June 1 - Part II: Crafting engaging lessons &   Building a better pirate


    The focus of this section is all about knowing what you want your classroom to be like and how you want your students to act. "You have to have a vision of what you want your ideal classroom to look like if you want to have any hope of creating it.....something remarkable is worth talking about. Worth noticing. Exceptional. It's a Purple Cow. Boring Stuff is invisible. It's like a brown cow." Being good does not cut it anymore...your have to be EXTRAORDINARY.....BE THE PURPLE COW next year.

    Over the summer reflect about this years classroom. When you have a realistic view of your classroom and you can see where it fell short of your ultimate vision, you have something to work with.


    1) If your students didn't have to be there, would you be teaching in an empty classroom? If you answered are being a brown cow...STOP and STAND OUT!!

    2) Do you have any lessons you could sell tickets for? If you answered no...stop having a closed mindset. Be CREATIVE!!

    To accomplish these two questions you must start by framing your material and your class positively. Put down the worksheets!!! You job is to create a mental paradigm shift by reframing the content and its value and relevancy to their lives. "Don't position your materials as if it is awful-tasting medicine. Position your content as if it's amazing! Give motivating reasons why the material is important to know."

    This book is all about having passion for your subject and your teaching! If you do not enjoy teaching anymore.....get out....someone in this field wants to TEACH LIKE A PIRATE!!...


    This section goes right with passion. "An enthusiastic teacher can learn technique, method and strategy, but it is almost impossible to light a fire inside the charred hear of a burned-out teacher."

    I think Passion and enthusiasm are the most important things for teachers to have. They are both so contagious and when you have them in abundance  they can spread throughout our campus.

    At our last faculty meeting, I heard a lot of excuses about circumstances that we can not control. We must deal with the circumstances such as we find them. Remember the Circle of Influence...Do NOT allow that which is outside your control to affect your effort and enthusiasm.

    "Positive and negative experiences either make you feel energized and amazing or beat down and depressed. What you choose to attend to creates your reality. Some teachers look out over a ninety-nine percent engaged classroom with kids on fire about learning and feel successful. Others choose to focus on the one percent and feel like failures. Make a conscious decision to focus on what empowers you."

    Next year..."Infect your lessons and everything you do with enthusiasm and then watch it spread."

    WE are TEAM BEACH....if you can not handle teaching like a are on the wrong team. Next year we have battles to fight and if we stick as a team....we will WIN them!!

    This Week....

    Monday: No School

    Tuesday: 4th Grade Biophilia

    Wednesday: Dolphin Island

    Thursday: Final Retention Mtgs; 8:15 5th Grade Farewell

    Friday: Fun Day

    Coming Up...

    Monday 1st: Field Day K, 1 & 2

    Tuesday 2nd: Field Day 3, 4 & 5

    Wednesday 3rd: 4th Grade Tallahassee

    Thursday 4th:  Kindergarten Farewell

    Friday 22nd: Early Release

    Happy Birthday!!!
    5/19 Cheryl Meyers; 5/25 Kara McCann; 5/26 Gina McNally

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    2 years ago

    When you feel your enthusiasm lagging, take the time to sharpen the saw with professional development. I went to a great 2 day session on expanding oral and written expression with ESE and GENERAL education students. I guarantee we can see improvements in writing scores for our lowest students with this program. It is simple but effective. You will see me with my Etchy all over campus. ASK???