Automatic lights

by: Karina,Brianna,Presely,Cristina

  • 1. •The type of setting is school
  • The type of motion sensor being used is Lutron Maestro 6 amp single pole dual circuit occupancy sensing switch.
  • When one person leaves a light on it cost the schools a lot more money
  • That can lead to a higher electricity  bill and a lot of  wasted electricity
  • 2.  We will first formally present our idea to Mrs. Froese and get our idea of getting automatic lights installed approved
  • Once we got our idea approved we would have a fundraiser. Our fundraiser would be that if you brought a certain amount of money you could wear pj's or dress up \
  • Once  the goal is reached which is $3,780 we will buy the automatic lights.
  • We would have a handyman install the lights and our project would be complete.
  • 3. •the censers are $ 70 each •
  • •multiply it by 54 classroom
  • •and we would need $ 3,780 in all
  • •the handyman in $40 to $60 dollars an hour


  • •Automatic lights will be very helpful,
  • •it will save us time and work.
  • •It will definatly be worth it. they are very beneficial because we can save energy in a useful way.
  • •down below there are some pros and cons

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