Flight Technology

Session 1

During session 1 we learned about the basics of aerodynamics. Then we experimented with software that simulates airflow. The software allowed different wing to be used and different air types.

Session 2

During session 2 we examined the factors that change lift. Also we began the construction of our wing. We made it as aerodynamic as possible.

Session 3

During session 3 we finished the construction of our wing. We made cross timbers for the inside of our wing.

Session 4

During session 4 we tested the amount of lift our wing had. We used a big "turbine" to see the amount of lift.

Session 5

During session 5 I explored the basics of controlling the Cessna. Also I flew the Cessna using a flight simulation software.

Session 6

During session 6 we performed basic flight maneuvers using the Flight Simulator Software. Also we used a navigation plotter to determine the distance and direction of a flight being planned.

Session 7

During session 7 we took the post test and then used the Flight Simulator software. We learned how to used a navigation plotter to determine the direction and distance of a flight being planned. We tested the accuracy of one of the calculations we made.

Career For This Module

A pilot would be the perfect career for this module, because they have to be able to plot their flight. Also they must know how to fly a plane. This module teaches you the basics of flight and teach you things you must know about flying.