Brian Sirmon: Education and Pastoral Work

Brian Sirmon has had a significant and successful career as a law enforcement officer. He has worked numerous positions since the beginning of his career in 1999 for a number of police forces around the country. He has served in the position of Field Training Officer, Sheriff Deputy Sergeant, and as a Certified Taser International Instructor. He has achieved over 15 years of successful experience in the field and acquired over a thousand hours worth of certified training. Brian also worked as a shift supervisor responsible for making shift decisions and supervising other officers. He also served his community through a number of nonprofit organizations including Servants for the Poor. He was placed on the board of the organization in 2010 and later elected president of the board in 2012. The organization tasks itself with assisting those who are disabled, in need of mental health assistance, and those in drug abuse situations. As the president of the board, Brian was able to implement a plan to pay off more than 38,000 dollars in debt that the non-profit incurred under previous leadership.

Brian Sirmon is more than expert when it comes to law enforcement. However, arguably his most important work was that which he achieved through his career as a pastor. After graduating from Christian Life College in 1997 with his Ministerial License, Brian Sirmon began working for various churches across the country including California, Wisconsin, and Georgia. He gained experience instructing both large and small congregations by developing in depth presentations. He also implemented new training programs for church communities on how to be effective youth workers. Due to his extensive experience and work ethic, he was elected to serve on the state board for youth pastors.

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