Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning


Pinterest is an online application that can be accessed by phones. Users can grab almost any image that they see on the internet and save, or 'pin it' for future reference or to explore a subject. Images can be 'pinned' on different boards and the images and boards can link to the sites they came from.

Students could use the technology in a social studies class to do preliminary research on a country or region for a future report.

Google Maps

Google offers a mapping app that lets users map routes, locations and can also let them take a look at the view of the street anywhere in the world. The service can also map your own location which is something for teachers to consider before using the app

In a classroom setting, this could be useful for doing math problems that involve calculating distance.

TED Talks App

TED Talks provide an app so that people on-the-go can watch their broadcasts from anywhere. The organization produces and broadcasts presentations about ideas on almost every subject on Earth. The presentations are almost always illuminating and very interesting.

Teachers could ask students to find an appropriate TED Talk about a topic in the course. They could all watch them in class the next day and teachers could expect their students to spend a great deal of time watching interesting, educational material in the mean-time!


Edmodo is a web-based virtual classroom environment that also has a mobile app. It creates an online classroom that lets teachers send and manage assignments, administer tests, send alerts, and poll students. There are also apps for learning that are available to add to the site.

Teachers and students can use this app to send and access course materials from almost anywhere!

Pocket Anatomy

This is an app that is available for phones and for iPads that allows users to see layers of human anatomy in a virtual environment.

This app would be great to use in a biology or science classroom when talking about body systems. Students could find information using the app to complete an assignment identifying parts of human systems.

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