Cowboy Legends

His Birth Dame is Robert Newton Ford.

Bob Ford was his Cowboy Legend Name.

His birth date was December 8, 1861.

He died June 8, 1892, he got shot by Edward O'kelley.

There is no record of him being married or even having a girlfriend.

He didn't have any children.

He killed Jesse James. Jesse James was the leader of his gang. He killed Jesse James because he was facing prison time so he made a deal with the governor of Missouri to get award for bringing in Jesse James dead or alive.

He was in Jesse James's gang before he killed him. Jesse James, Bob Ford, Charles Ford, Wood Hite, and Dick Liddil. Was apart of the James-younger gang.

He was letting people take pictures of him as the man who killed Jesse James.

He Met Jesse James in 1880, There are no records of him participating in any robberies, He killed a fellow gang member Hite (thats why he killed Jesse James so he wont go to jail) , and He was known as THE MAN WHO KILLED JESSE JAMES.

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Cowboy Legends: Will Rogers

HIs birthday names was William Penn Adair Rogers.

His Cowboy name was Will Rogers.

His birth date was November 7, 1979.

He died August 5, 1935.

His wife name was Betty Blake and they get a divorce.

He had four children by Betty. Their names are Will Jr., Mary, Jim, and Fred.

He was known for his roping tricks and performing around the world. I think that he was a good cowboy. He was placed in the Guiness Book of World Records for throwing three lassos at once.

No he wasn't in a gang.

He was an actor, an author, a performer, humorist, and a newspaper columnist.

He dropped out of school when he was in 1oth. He traveled to South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. He was a circus performer. He was in several silent movies. He was friends with Calvin Coolidge and Franklin Roosevelt.

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