black death and Joan of arc

jalen jeffries


The black death kill 1.5 million people out the an estimated total of 4 million people between 1348  and 1350 . pneumonic plague

The black death arrived in Europe by the sea in october 1347 . Early 1340s, the disease had struck china,india,persia,syria and Egypt . Many scholars think that the nursery rhyme "Ring around the Rosy " . The Black Death was one of the most devastating pandemics in human history ,  resulting in the death in an estimated 75  to 200 million people and peaking in Europe in years 1348-50 .

After 1350 , it was to strike England another six times by the end of the century . It was often called bubonic plague , but is more likely to be pneumonic plague .

Joan of arc :

She was born in 1412 and she dead May , 30 , 1431 . She was a warrior for the French . At the age of 12 she heard voices from ST.Michael , ST. Catherine and ST.Margret .

At the age 16 is freed New Orleans , which captured by the english during a hundred year war .

Joan of arc was 19 when she burnt at the stake in Rouen by the English on May 30 , 1431 for witchcraft  . She died of smoke inhalation . The cardinal of cardinal of winchester is recored as having ordered her to be burnt a second time .