Natives of the Piedmont


-Catawba is the largest tribe in piedmont region(interesting fact)

-Catawba people used to hunt buffalo(Ways of life)

- Catawba people made pottery and were experts and still carry on the tradition today(Culture)

-Catawba is a peaceful and farming tribe(interesting fact)

-Their men were hunters and went to war to protect their families.Catawba woman were farmers and did most of the child care.(Ways of Life)

-Both genders did storytelling, artwork, music, traditional medicine,and leadership. -There are a few famous girl catawba leaders. (Culture)

-They were original residents of NC and SC.(interesting fact)

- They used blow guns to hunt small things and used spears or bows to hunt big game.(Ways of Life)


- They were centered in the piedmont they made their homes all across the state.(interesting fact)

-They were enemies of the catawba tribe.(interesting fact)

-They were part of the Iroquois league.(interesting fact)


They signed a treaty with the settlers that they would obey the queen of England later a war broke out they were forced to surrender their land to the government. (interesting fact)

-They were forced to live on a reservation,and it got smaller every year.(interesting fact)


-American Indians called them flat heads because they tied weights to a child's head which thought made there eyes grow farther apart which thought helped the child see greater distance.(culture)

-Waxhaw settled farther south and probably met spanish explorers then came up north  to get away from them.(interesting fact)

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