Project Life

By Alex Anderson

Life Profile


One girl child who is 7 years old

Working as a Registered Nurse

Drive 24 miles to and from work


Gross Annual Pay is $73,000

Taxes add up to $1819

Net Monthly Income is $4430

Budget Minimum is $2259.30. Maximum is $4562.90

Established Expenses

Health and Life Insurance cost is $360 per year

Medical and Dental Expense cost is $540 per year

In total these expenses will add up to be $900 per year

Plan Your Future

I am saving $221.50 each year to Frandsen Bank & Trust

I also am giving $44.30 each year to charity

Chance Cards

My Lucky Chance card had a generous amount of money from my Great-Aunt Matilda who left me $2,000. Which is $166 per month.

Unfortunately the Unlucky Chance Card says that I had a car issue that cost me $100.

Investment Portfolio

I have Stocks with Facebook, Verizon, and Walgreens. Facebook I own 100 shares. Verizon I own 30 shares. And Walgreens I own 25 shares.

Day 1 Values Day 5 Values

Facebook- $49.16 Facebook- $48.97

Verizon- $50.54 Verizon- $50.62

Walgreens- $59.55 Walgreens- $60.00

Home Improvement

Lay-Z-Boy Recliner which costs $500

New Television costs $1000

New Carpet costs $1500

Each Month that would cost $125


Mortgage Costs

$12,000 down payment

$108,000 loan amount

That equals to $300 per month

Utilities Cost

Electric- $50

Sewer/Water- $25

Telephone- $60


Monthly Payment of $143 for 36 months after a $1200 down payment

Maintenance Costs $100 per month plus gas

Insurance, Registration, and Tax costs $60

Food, Household and Personal Hygiene

Clothing and Accessories

I spent a total of $175.00. A new jacket for myself that costs 75 dollars, a pair of school shoes for my daughter which was 60 dollars, and a girl's dress for 40 dollars.

Entertainment and Recreation

I went to a Twins game for $95.00. I also went Pheasant Hunting for $45.10. I went to a movie for $27.00. And I went to the lake which costs $50.00 for gas in the boat.

Cable and Dining Out

I spent $56 on my monthly total cable expense. For dining out I spent $36.80 .

Actual Budget

For my Charatible Giving a donated the money to St. Judes Children's Research Center.

Pie Chart

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