Night 2 (Saturday 5/3)

Voyage to the South: (Temporary) Home Sweet Home

"Travel and change of place import new vigor to the mind"

We drove for what seemed forever to complete the last leg of our journey to North Myrtle Beach. When we approached our gorgeous beach house, excitement and joy flooded each and every one of us. We were finally here. We raced through the house, claiming rooms, exploring what will become our home for the next week. Then, once rooms were claimed- mine including an ocean view!- and calmness reclaimed us, we took a step onto the back porch and what we saw took my breath away. Miles of clear blue ocean and sand, right in our backyard! We quickly changed into swimwear to test the water, which was amazing! Our remaining hours of daylight went like this: beach, back porch relaxation, beach, showers, dinner, beach, and finally the pier. It was simply exhilarating.

To be quite frank, if every day of my vacation is like this, I will be more than content.