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With the introduction of Chromebooks in the classroom, teachers are discovering new ways to interact with and engage their students.  As with all new things, there is a learning curve and we are working hard towards a successful school-wide implementation.  Below, you will see what tools we are focusing on and how we are using them in the classroom.

Google Classroom

1. What the students see when they receive an assignment.

2. An example of the student's work being submitted.

3.  How the students check their work.

4. A sample of students submitting questions to be reviewed after checking their work.

5. What the students see when receiving a quiz.

6. Example of a quiz using gmath and Google Docs.

Teacher's Reflection: Using, teachers have a very simple way to distribute and collect work from their students.  The students are required to follow basic, written instructions.  This means that teachers should mindfully word their instructions clearly and concisely.  This also causes the students become better readers as the semester goes along. At first, they will struggle, but as you demonstrate what you are looking for, they will become better at comprehending written instructions.  

As for using it to collect the math work.  Many assignments will be done using pencil and paper.  You can verify the students completed the work by having them submit a picture of the work using the camera on the Chromebook or their cell phone. The quiz above has the students practicing using LaTeX code to submit final answers for a quiz while they turn in their scratch work on a piece of notebook paper.  There are ways to make this work in the classroom without abandoning the content to access the technology.  


These pictures are examples of a trigonometry project that used and

Teacher Reflection:  So far, Tackk has been a love/hate relationship.  It has a lot of appeal for students who want options for creativity and individuality in their presentations.  Unfortunately, sometimes students have had to start tackks from scratch after spending a day on them because they switched Chromebooks or forgot to sign in.  Also, adding images directly from gDrive has been problematic.  Most students have worked around this by downloading the images to the Chromebook and then uploading them to  One surprise has been the ability to add a GIF as a comment.  This lightens the mood and, if used correctly, can brighten someone's day even if you have had to critique their work.

Desmos Graphing Calculator

The image above shows how I am showing the students how to solve an equation using a graph.

Teacher Reflection: Desmos is a great tool for math teachers.  Students can connect their student email addresses and save their graphs straight to their gDrive.  They can see the transformations of graphs happen in real time as they type in their equaitons.  


1, 2, and 3 show example questions from an edpuzzle video.

4. Shows the class results and color codes them by those who need the most help to those who understood the video.

5. Shows an individual student's results.

Teacher Reflection: Edpuzzle has been great for "flipping" the classroom. The students can watch instructional videos and answer questions on their comprehension of the video and try the examples before seeing them worked out.  This has been the easiest tool to work with.  The key is to download the video from its online source using and uploading it.   If you word your questions correctly and take the time to go over each student's answers, you will gain a deeper understanding of exactly what your students understand.  You can use this to adjust your instruction for each student.  

Most videos are already created on youtube. However, if you cannot find anything you like, creating videos easy fairly easy as well.   


1. An example of a blank test answer sheet.

2. A sample of students' work being graded using Flubaroo.  

Teacher Reflection:  Flubaroo has made scantron answersheets all but obsolete.  In addition to Schoolnet,, and other online test sites, Flubaroo not only grades the tests, it will gather and analyze the data for you.  In a data driven, educational age, this tool makes the teachers job easier and works seemlessly with all the Goolgle products. It will even allow short answer questions but you must match the short answer exactly.  This would probably be most useful on spelling tests.

Parent Portal

This is the students' favorite website.

Students At Work

Student Reflections:

My first impression on the google chromebooks was amazing. They are so much better than the laptops from from my first 2 years in high school. The google drive and gmail works so much faster than just doing worksheets and writing down notes, you can look at a video and write your own notes and do class work in a matter of no time. I think the school should keep the these chromebooks for next semester.

I really like using the chromebooks so far. I like how we can do assignments on them and turn them in. It’s cool how we can type math expressions and they show up in a document. Using desmos also makes it a lot easier. Being able to graph different equations and using the different settings in desmos helps a lot. Google drive is very helpful too. I like how it helps keep everything organized so I can always find what I’m looking for. I hope we get to use them a lot in class.