Pronghorns or Antilocapra Americana as there scientific name are beautiful animals.  A few adaptaions are there horns, there long legs, there fairly fast, they have noses to help them smell if praetors are coming, they have long horns to fight of praetors, and there hoves that can go on rocks and different changes of land. Some charaisticts are they have long jagged horns, they have brown and white fur, they have long thin  legs, and a black or dark brown unabrow right under there horns.

Grass Lands

The grass lands is a large part of land that are coverd in grass, large scrubs, and trees. Grass lands also have many mountains and hills. The highest tempature is around 92 and an avarge is in the 70's.

5 Other Animals

Thee are many other animals that live in the grasslands but here's 5.

5 Other .

There are many plants to but here are 5.


Earthquakes are when the tectonic plates rub to gether or shift. This could happen in the grasslands athou there would be no clean up. The ground might just shake a little or there could be a crack in the ground.

The MAD Theory

The prong horn would adapt by going away wall the earthquake would go on and come back when it's over. Bison would adapt by doing the same thing. Elephants would adapt also by doing the same thing or move not thinking its safe to go back. Meerkats would die because they are under ground and they might get trapped.

Fun Facts

Both males and females have horns. They mate in the fall and not in the spring. The spring is when they have there baby's. The pronghorn is a mix between an antelope and a goat.

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