Crazy Horse by Brennan

Crazy Horse fought against Remoual to an Indian reservation.Crazy Horse was an Indian chief. He was born in 1840 and died in 1877. He surrendered and was killed in a scuffle with soldiers.

Crazy Horse's clothes were much different then ours. When he was alive horses were in his tribe.

This is Crazy Horse's house. It looks surprisingly nice.Crazy Horse is kind of like a modern day person.

After he died they made a memorial to his honor for fighting for other Indians. We still remember him today by his honor.

It took a long time to build this rocky statue. It also took a lot of people to build this memorial, but Crazy Horse deserves it. He helped many others.

At crazy Horse memorial there is a beautiful view.Crazy Horse is a wonderful person.

About 1000 people have visited and are still visiting Crazy Horse memorial.You should visit Crazy Horse memorial too.

A drawing of crazy Horse.

Since his violent  death, Crazy Horse has almost become a mythical figure of the Great Plains Indian wars. He was probably born near Bear Butte on the Belle Fourche River in South Dakota.

This is were Crazy horse died.


Crazy Horse battled Little Big Horn and many Indians died.

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