"I am"
By: Brandon Meysenburg

                       My name is Brandon Meysenburg, I am 18 and currently a senior in high school. My birthday is August, 1, 1996, and I was born in Lincoln, Nebraska. And I am a server at the Jose Pepper's in Liberty.

                    My hobbies include hanging out with my friends, playing football, playing soccer, listening to music, and cruisin' with my friends.

                     Its hard to pick a favorite song(cause I like so many) but as of right now one of my favorites is Badfish by Sublime.

                     I am currently not in any type of school sports or clubs but in my free time I enjoy going to the golf course and playing a round with my friends, or going to the turf and kicking around the soccer ball.

                     This summer was filled with many things both boring and exciting. Either I would be working or I'd be hanging out with my friends. When I hang out with my friends we would either go to the races on the weekend or we would go to the hookah bar during the week.

                    One of my favorite quotes of all time would have to be, "You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have."-Bob Marley

                      I have two dogs, Chloe an American Eskimo, and Bailey a Black Lab. I also have two cats Phillis and Blanch.


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