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If you have ever been hungry and on the move, you pull out your telephone, search for local eateries and maybe stumble upon a $2.4 billion "hotsite" like OpenTable...

Outside of the famous "hotsites" like OpenTable most of these "cash flow directories" are non-mobile optimized yet they nevertheless make $1,000,000s per year with NO merchandise and NO service - only a market "Hotsite."

SqueezeMobi just established a Mobile SaaS system that let's you setup an eyepopping local "Hotsite" company:

> SocialMobi Hotsites

40% of local searches these days are mobile searches - on the move, "NEED advice right this moment" type customers.

This mobile traffic is made up of individuals that desire to eat, call a doctor or require a plumber.

Nevertheless additionally they desire alternatives and that is why directory Hotsites like findlaw.com are super popular. For every lead that among these hotsites like findlaw.com passes on (or refers) to that attorney, that lawyer may shut a $50,000 customer from that.

That's why lawyers, eateries along with other markets are willing to pay even $99 or $50 to be listed in YOUR cellular local hotsite that takes advantage of that 40% of activity-taking traffic.

I want to clarify...

$100,000 are made by some local hotsites yet they were made 5-10 years ago and are not mobile optimized. Hotsites only keep bringing cash so why fix it if it ain't broke?

That's where you come in and obliterate any local competition to begin your own Local Mobile Hotsite company.

SqueezeMobi's SaaS established Hotsite system let us you get a Mobile Optimized FB-Ready Hotsite in 4 easy steps:

  1. Choosing a Local Mobile Market including eateries (one where customers desire it NOW)
  2. Clicking and deploy while leveraging the "CSV Mass Upload" functionality
  3. Sign up local businesses leveraging your "Social Proofed" Hotsite
  4. Drive "Geofenced" FB Cellular Telephone traffic so your Hotsite becomes popular
They are closing doors on the Social Mobi Hotsite system in a couple of days take a couple of minutes to see the video and check out the system

PS. We have touched the mobile websites you can upsell customers that will buy $99/mo listings. They don't have a website that is cellular? Income multiplying potential right there.

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