Francisco Pizarro

The explorer that made the world a better place

Francisco Pizarro's Background

Francisco Pizarro was born in Trujillo. Spain on March 16, 1478. Francisco was a illegitimate child. Francisco was raised in poverty and never learned how to read or write. On June 26, 1541, Pizarro was killed by one of the Diego de Almargo's men.  Francisco was a Spanish explorer and conquistador.

Francisco Pizarro's Achievements and Discoveries

When Pizarro and his men arrived to Cajamarca in 1533, Pizarro had captured Atahualpa, which was the 13th and last emperor of the Incas. Some of Francisco Pizarro's discoveries were him and his three half-brothers traveled to Peru to claim it's land for Spain, found the new capital city of lime three years later after conquering Peru, helped discover what is now called Lima. Pizarro joined the expedition of the Nunez de Balboa ( they discovered the Pacific Ocean). In 1520, Pizarro help discover

Francisco Pizarro's Impact on the World

Francisco Pizarro impacted the world by opening up a new way to Spain to colonize most of South America.

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