How they are put into their class...

     The class of fish, a water-residing creature who's life depends on it. They live in water, which means they thrive off of it and can live for only short amounts of time without it.  They also have backbones, and are vertebrates. They Breathe using gills, slots in the body to allow filtration of oxygen, from the water that is. Most are scales. Some are also smooth.

How they adapt...

     The fish are cold blooded (mostly), but can adapt to warmer environments. Altering body temperatures can change the way behavior of a fish. This strongly includes breathing, but many other things.  The oxygen level decreases slightly as the water gets colder, because it gets denser, making the breathing rate increase.  This pertains to warmer climates/water temperatures, just vice-versa. Though these fish can be found strictly in THEIR environment, they could "straggle" and be found in another.

Orders of the class "Fish"...

The 7 orders of class "fish" are as follows:

     My selected order of this list, is the Carpet Shark. This is because it is a more volatile, interestingly preying fish, specifically shark.  They have spines, so they fall under "chordata". They have wide mouths to take in multiple sums of organisms at a time. As they are bigger-edged fish and have to eat much, much more than other fish, specifically sharks.

This is a Whale Shark, an example of an organism in the carpet shark Order of class "Fish".  

Chosen Family of order "Carpet Shark" of Class "Fish"...

     Rhincodontidae, a family of the Carpet Sharks. Cold water sharks they are, yet with fewer gills so a cold water environment would actually make it quite difficult to breath. Although with its gill count, would in fact be possible.  Technically they would be able to adapt smoothly but with few major changes, most changes will be minor.

A spotted whale shark, example of an organism in the genus "whale shark" the only species in family "Rhincodontidae" of order "Carpet Shark" of class "Fish".

Chosen Genus of family "Rhincodontidae" of order "carpet shark" of class "fish"

    The Whale shark, also know as the Basking Shark. This type of carpet shark, is the largest known shark. The whale shark is the only genus of Rhincodontidae. The shark is widely distributed across the planet, oceans every where, but mainly in warm sections. The reason behind this is because they adopted smaller gills (for their size), and breathe easier in less dense water. But is also possible to breathe in colder environments, though it would be less than soothing.

Kingdom: Animalia     Animal

Phylum: Chordata     Possesses spinal chord

Class: Chondrichthyes     Cartilaginous fish

SubClass: Elasmobranchii     Sharks, Skates, and Rays

Order: Carpet shark (Orectolobiformes)     Carpet Sharks

Family: Rhincodontidae

Genus: Rhincodon

Species: Typus

Genus "Rhincodon typus" example.

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