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My first cat is named Binky. We got his name because I was a baby and that is what I had called him, and I guess it stuck.

Now my brother, that’s a different story. Jesse and I have the worst sibling rivalry I have ever seen. Since he is almost the same size as me, it is fair enough to my dad that we battle it out. Just a hint, I always win! He is such a baby! Let’s just say he's not the sharpest tool in the shed, or he probably would have stabbed me already.

I am probably the happiest when I am at Silver Wood riding all the roller coasters. I just get such a rush when you get that feeling that your stomach is in your lungs. Unlike other girls, I will ride any roller coaster or any ride you put me on.

I think other people would describe me as a fun, loud, and a great friend. I am very loyal and will respect others.

For Christmas my dad got me three whisks. I mean, what am I going to do with whisks? I just pretended to like them and brushed it off, because I’m a good sport!


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3 years ago

I <3 me!

3 years ago

your funny.<3