Kristi Larson


Greetings, class! My name is Kristi Larson and I'm an MA student at Luther with a double emphasis in Children, Youth and Family Ministry and Congregation and Community Care (Pastoral Care). My passion is Youth Ministry (generally 6-12th graders) and have worked the last few years in that field. Right now, I'm a full time student and hope to graduate Spring 2015! And now, here are a few fun facts!

  • I come from a big blended family with varying degrees of siblings (full, half, step, in laws, ex in laws, the guy my sister lives in sin with etc.) The two painfully adorable children in the photos above are my two nieces, Gracie (8) and Evy (4). Getting to be Auntie Kristi is one of my favorite things.
  • This January my entire immediate family and all the significant others and offspring that goes with them will be going to Mexico together. It has the potential to be the greatest week of our lives. It also has the potential to be a lot of other things. . . . .
  • I enjoy singing and currently I sing in the Northern Lights Chorale out of New Brighton.
  • My favorite animal is the unicorn.
  • Between College (I went to Concordia in Moorhead, Go Cobbs!) and my time in youth ministry I sold Real Estate for 6 years with our family business.
  • I know it's wrong. I know it's horrible. I know I should call social services for child abuse after most episodes, but I just can't help myself, I love the TV show Dance Moms. Feel free to judge me. I already judge myself.

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