Fantastic Mr. Tiger

        Once upon a time, there lived a little tiger named Leo and his parents, Agatha and Patrick. They live in a cave in the deep jungle of Asia. Every day, Leo stays home while his parents go hunting.  While they are gone, he likes to chase birds, mice and other small animals, but he always stays close to his cave.

    One day, Leo's parents let him go on a hunting trip with them.   He was very excited because it was his first real hunting trip. He was hoping that he would get a deer and make his parents proud.

     Then, all of a sudden, there was a big truck with poachers driving through the jungle.  Leo's parents tried to protect him, but the poachers shot them with tranquilizers that made them go to sleep. When this happened, Leo ran into the bushes so the poachers couldn't see him.

     He watched as the poachers pick up parents and put them in the back of the truck. He tried to follow the truck, but it was too fast.  

    Determined to find his parents, he ran and ran, until he found himself somewhere he had never been before--the ocean!  Leo stopped at the end of the water and said to himself, "How am I going to ever going to find my parents again?"

    Then, all of a sudden, he looked at the water, and he saw some one emerge out of the water.  Surprised and suspicious, Leo asked, "Who are you?"

     The person from the water replied, "I'm Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon."

    "Percy Jackson," questioned Leo.  "What are you doing here?"

     "I'm here to help you find your parents," Percy replied.

     "Thank you, but why do you want to help me?"

     "Years ago, these same poachers kidnapped my Pegasus.  I was able to rescue him, but the poachers escape, and I've been looking for them ever since."

   "What makes you think you can catch them now," asked Leo?

     "I have since learned how to harness the power of water.  Hop onto my shoulders and we will save your parents and stop these poachers once and for all!"

   Without hesitation, Leo jumped onto Percy, but ended up clawing him on the back accidentally.  "Ouch!" shouted Percy.  "Maybe you should just ride on the wave next to me instead."  So Percy and Leo, then headed out to sea.

   They rode the waves until they came to the shore of the United States.  There, they asked a hippocampi friend of Percy's if they saw any poachers with two sleepy tigers. He said just a few hours ago, he saw four men get off a boat and drive off with a big crate.  Sticking out of the crate was a tiger tail.

    "That has to be them!" shouted Leo excitedly and started running down the busy road during rush hour traffic.  Within seconds, he is almost hit by a car, but Percy knocks the car out of the way with a wave of water.  Frightened, Leo ran right into a police officer.  

     The police officer immediately pulled out his gun, ready to fire.  "Wait!" Percy shouted.  "This tiger needs our help.  We are looking for poachers who kidnapped his parents."

     "Can you help me, please," Leo pleaded.

   Mesmerized by the baby tiger's eyes, the officer agreed. "Perhaps they took them to the zoo.  Two years ago, one of the tigers died, so they only have one left. "

    The officer, Percy, and Leo headed to the zoo, hoping for good luck.  It was getting dark, so it was easy to sneak in without being noticed. Familiar with the layout of the zoo, the officer led them directly to the tiger enclosure.

    Percy broke open the lock with his sword, and they entered the cage.  Out of the darkness, something moved in the shadows.  Suddenly, Leo found himself face to face with a girl tiger.

    "What are you doing here," she asked. "How did you even get in?"

    Unable to speak, Leo just stared. He had never seen a tiger whose fur was so shiny and whose eyes were so bright.  

   Percy had to splash Leo with water to bring him back to reality.  Shaking his head, Leo said, "We've come all the way from the jungles of Asia.  I'm looking for my parents and think they may be here.  Poachers kidnapped them."

   Impressed, the girl tiger said, "I've never been outside of this zoo.  I was born here, but my parents died two years ago.  Since then, I've been all alone. My name is Violet, and I think I know where your parents are."     

     Leo was so happy that he started dancing with joy.  "Where!?"

     "Rumor has it that two new tigers are in quarantine in the zoo's hospital.  I'll take you there."

    The four friends carefully skulked to the back of the zoo, with Violet leading the way. Before entering the hospital, Percy warned everyone that the poachers could still be around and cannot get away this time.  The officer pulled out his gun and entered the dark building.  


........use your imagination.  the end.

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